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Recent Matters

  • Settled federal court action regarding pharmaceutical industry whistleblower in pharmaceutical industry.


  • Successful representation of marketing executive in gender discrimination/retaliation EEOC claim and federal lawsuit.

  • Successful representation of teacher’s aide in age/disability discrimination dispute regarding a wrongful disciplinary action.

  • Negotiated settlement of sexual harassment claim by auto franchise worker.


  • Successful representation of medical professionals in corporate acquisitions and restructurings.


  • Advised publishing executives regarding gender and age discrimination claims; negotiated employment and severance packages.


  • Obtained reasonable accommodation under the ADA for home-bound IT executive.


  • Advised clients as to FFRCA extended leave.


  • Obtained reimbursement for small business owner regarding over-payments to subcontractor.


  • Obtained judgment for designer regarding subcontractor default.


  • Established NYS LLCs and Not-for-Profits.


  • Provided advice regarding negotiation of $2M financing for foreign firm relocating to U.S.

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